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Master Mechanics For Premium Brake Repair Services You Can Trust

No brake problem is too complex, big or small, for us to assist you. We have a highly trained, expert team of staff that specialises in brake repairs and other related services to ensure an optimal driving experience that is completely safe and reliable. We also have brake rollers and a fully equipped workshop at our disposal to ensure that you get a totally comprehensive and efficient service every single time. 

Your safety is important to us, and that means that we will always go above and beyond to give you the service you know you deserve – at affordable and highly competitive rates. Remember, we have a “no appointment needed” policy which means you can come in any time without an appointment to ensure that your brakes are in tip-top shape.

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Because Your Vehicle Deserves The Best

Brake Repairs From Your Number One Auto Centre

If you feel as if your brakes need a little attention or if you have been alerted to an issue by your vehicle’s onboard system, then we are here to help. Come in without hesitation if you see any of the following:

  1. The brake warning light turns on
  2. Vibration in the steering while driving
  3. Squealing or grinding noises when applying brakes or while driving
  4. Fluid leaks (Always have these checked out regardless of whether it is brake fluid or not)
  5. “Spongy” or soft resistance in the brake pedal
  6. A burning or chemical smell whilst driving
  7. Vehicle pulling to one side during braking

Remember, you don’t need to book an appointment; just come in if you ever feel as if there may be something wrong. We offer brake repairs that keep you safe and confident.