At Autoplex Limited, we offer a comprehensive service package that will give you the confidence of knowing that your vehicle is being well taken care of and you have fewer things to worry about. Our services are offered at competitive rates by exceptionally well-trained mechanics that have both the experience and technical skills needed to give you world-class service. We can service any make or model!

Car servicing at Autoplex includes:

  • Checking tyre pressure (including the spare)
  • Lubricating hinges
  • Changing engine oil
  • Replacing oil filters (if applicable)
  • Inspecting drive belts
  • Observing the status of your timing belt
  • Checking coolant levels
  • Checking hydraulic fluid levels
  • Checking windscreen levels
  • Checking transmission/gearbox/diff fluid levels
  • Inspecting drive line boots
  • Greasing where applicable
  • Overall visual inspection
  • Checking air filter
  • Checking battery Level
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We offer WOF inspection services with an average turnaround time of 60 minutes with no appointment necessary. We can complete WOFs on cars and trailers, and if work is needed, we have mechanics here who can sort the issue for you.


Wheel Alignment

Lots of things can make wheels go out of alignment. You will know you have a problem if the car is pulling left or right, your tyres are wearing faster than normal, or anything else that doesn't feel right. If you've hit a pothole or kerb you should also get your wheel alignment checked. Our wheel alignment services will make sure your wheels are pointing in the right direction to improve safety and ensure your tyres wear evenly.


General Automotive Repairs

At Autoplex, we offer all types of automotive repairs, including WOF repairs and brake repairs. No appointment is necessary, and we have qualified mechanics and the latest diagnostic and vehicle repair equipment. We also have experience repairing all makes and models of car.


New Tyres

If you need new tyres, visit us. We offer tyre replacements at great prices that include fitting and balancing as well as disposal of your old tyres.