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Discover our TLC Service - Trust Autoplex With Your Service Needs

Our TLC service is a comprehensive check over  which includes the oil and filter.  Service  prices are dependent on the type of oil which is specified by the manufacturer, the oil filter type, the volume or amount of oil needed, as well as the complexity of your vehicle – Please ask us for a quote and have your REGO ready.

Want to know the best part? You never need an appointment. Come on through, whenever it is convenient for YOU – we are here to make life easier and give you the support of an auto centre that you can always rely on.

We also offer a FREE OIL filter to the value of $20 with a WoF Combo.


Because Your Vehicle Deserves The Best

What Does The TLC Service Include?

At Autoplex, our service includes the following:
  1. Overall visual inspection
  2. Changing the engine oil
  3. Replacing the oil filters (as needed and only if applicable)
  4. Battery level checks
  5. Checking the tyre pressure on all tyres (including the spare)
  6. Checking coolant levels
  7. Checking transmission, gearbox, and diff fluid levels
  8. Checking hydraulic fluid levels
  9. Checking your windscreen fluid levels
  10. Air filter checks
  11. Lubricating the hinges
  12. Inspecting the drive belts
  13. Observing the status of your car’s timing belt
  14. Inspecting the drive line boots
  15. Greasing as appropriate and wherever applicable

Remember to talk to us if you have any specific concerns but know that we are always thorough and will ensure we examine your vehicle completely for your peace of mind.